“We, all of us stories.

Intertwined in time.

A collective kaleidoscope of tales.

Wielding fates and weaved by the threads of time.

This living tapestry awaits your voice in the song of stories”

...about power...

"Upon the Rock of Ages I stand a queen clothed in dignity and garbed in royalty..."

Leave your mark

There are things we do and say in life that seem of little significance. Yet, in death, some of those are defining to one, a few or even to a multitude.

Of all our endeavours, it is those definitive ones that leave our mark on the living, how we lived, how we loved and how we pressed on on through hardships. You are the author of your story, you are the definer of your destiny.

It falls on you to be the best you can be for the benefit of us all. We need you at your best, in turn inspiring the best in us. It is this perpetual cycle that gives meaning to changing the world.

You are but one candle with the flame to light up a million others.