Spoken Word

For more than 2 decades,

I have shared my art with the world.

I have stood before a funeral gathering and a family in mourning,

I have stood before children and the elderly.

Mothers and daughters.

Fathers and sons.

I have stood before a princess,

and bowed before The King.

Poetry lead me up the road where I found my Love and that love and destiny lead me to Sweden.

In February 2014 we arrived in Sweden.

In April 2014 I won a slam poetry competition in Stockholm

and as the Stockholm champion, I entered into the SM i Poetry slam.

I became Swedish champion in May 2014 and in November 2014,

I won the silver medal in the European Slam Poetry competition.

Ariel Art Studios is a place of unshackled creativity and boundless imagination.

My desire is to create an environment that encourages out of the box thinking and enduring timeless works that speak to the inner man.

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