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I have always loved creativity. To create is to be almost God_like, in that; one draws from within something not before seen and brings it, by skill and diligence into existence. To create is sacred in my view and talent should always be used with the highest respect for ones self and others. 

South African born and bred, I am now resident in Sweden.

I trained as a Fine Artist at the Durban University of Technology in South Africa,  majoring in Painting, Ceramics and drawing.

Photography was a later discovery, one to which I have completely immersed myself. To say I love it would be an understatement of note as this is a passion I would gladly pursue even without the allure of money. But having said that, a man has to put bread on the table.

I am a passionate poet as well and my love for photography is only exceeded by my love for poetry. 

A Swedish slam poetry champion in 2014 and a European Silver medalist in Poetry Slam, I love competing as it sharpens ones skills. I hold the highest consideration for quality in my work and this I don not compromise for anything. 

Rest assured that every assignment and client will be given the highest regard and served to the very best of my ability.

Please feel welcomed to make a booking with me regarding any of your photography needs.


Photo by: Joshua Gray of Gray Studios, South Africa



I do wedding photography, family photography, product photography and any other custom type of photography in Alingsås, Gothenburg and surrounding areas. As well as the rest of Sweden under special arrangements.


All of the shoots I do are always to the specification of the client.

If you have any ideas for what you would like, I will follow the lead to your satisfaction. If no prior ideas are forthcoming, we can work together to a satisfactory concept to best deliver to you  a treasured final product.

Family shoots are always best in areas of some sentimental worth. Areas that hold a special place add an extra layer of worth to a photograph. 

Special jewellery, special items as props or part of backgrounds are good to consider.

Small children are always near impossible to sit still or pose as one would like but that is not a bad thing.

I never stress around children especially when they are being children. Some beautiful, soulful and honest captures are possible in such cases. It is usually these kinds of images that capture the true spirit of children.

Every shoot is special, every shoot should be approached reverently as they happen only once. 

I would love to have the honor of shooting your next special occasion. Please feel free to make a Booking with us.

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