I am an artist.

Like a blacksmith at his forge, I labor to create something beautiful and enduring

Art, not just photography, is a deeply spiritual undertaking for me.

The act of creation is one which involves bringing into the visual universe, a part of you from the unseen.

A sacred act that deserves the highest dedication to learning, mastery and pushing boundaries as far as ones imagination can allow. 

I live in a serene country side village by a lake with my family which is made up of; My Queen and love and our two beautiful mini human beings we created.

My birthplace is Africa. That mystic land of the ages.

My country is South Africa;

The country of Nelson Mandela and Dr Fred Roberts.

I moved to Sweden in 2014 with my wife,

our dreams and our destiny.

Ariel Art Studios is a manifestation of one of those dreams.

We deal with more than just photography,

Graphic Designing, painting, drawing, music video production

and fine art ceramic work.

Regarding performance arts,

we are involved mainly in the world of Spoken word or some might call it poetry.

For more than 2 decades,

I have been a poet

and poetry has taken me places an African boy seldom dreams of.

I have stood before a funeral gathering and a family in mourning,

I have stood before children and the elderly.

Mothers and daughters.

Fathers and sons.

I have stood before a Princess,

and bowed before The King.

Poetry lead me up the road where I found my Love and that love and destiny lead me to Sweden.

In February 2014 we arrived in Sweden.

In April 2014 I won a slam poetry competition in Stockholm

and as the Stockholm champion, I entered into the SM i Poetry slam.

I became Swedish champion in May 2014 and in November 2014,

I won the silver medal in the European Slam Poetry competition.

Poetry has taken me places.

Poetry and art are a beautiful passion.

Ariel Art Studios is a place of unshackled creativity and boundless imagination.

My desire is to create an environment that encourages out of the box thinking and enduring timeless works that speak to the inner man.

Photo:  Joshua Gray

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